Sunday, December 30, 2012

merry & bright

I can't believe how long it's been since I wrote last! I swear Thanksgiving through Christmas, my life is like running a marathon.  Thankfully I am on a blissful nine day holiday from work, and the craziness of the break is over. How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was good, but I'll admit it didn't feel as Christmas-ie this year. Not sure why... I guess the weather has been weird, it's hardly snowed. I'm glad the world didn't end on the 21st. After every doomsday prediction, I always feel great. Life's a gift, so I feel giddy to keep experiencing it. At Christmas, I suppose what I enjoy most is watching my young cousins get excited. That's where the true magic is still happening. Every year, we make one of our family members dress up like Santa Clause, and everyone gets to take turns getting gifts from Santa and getting a photo taken sitting on his lap. The food was great, I made a root vegetable gratin for the first time that is now going to be one of my Winter recipe favorites.

After Christmas, my mom and I went to Chicago to attempt ice skating and see the windows and Christmas tree at Macy's. It was one of my favorite things to do around the holidays when I was little, so I was really glad we made it down there.  When we got off the train, a soft snow began to fall, and the city was beautiful in all its haziness.

We went shopping for awhile too and saw these poodle shoes for sale, haha. You wouldn't believe how much they cost too...

I'll admit I've been lazy and awful when it comes to making any art. Sometimes I feel guilty about it, but other times I have to accept that the desire to create comes when it does. I have a few days left of my vacation and I am gearing up to get off my butt, and hammer out a few new pieces.  And it's almost the new year, a good time to reflect and anticipate changes I want to make in my life. Being a little more disciplined in my creative process is up there.  My sweet hubby offered to buy me a new camera for Christmas, he said that there was no way he'd pick it out for me, so I'm excited to do my research and see whats out there.  I'm definitely a hobby photographer, but I want something to take me to the next level, and inspire me to document my life a little better.  Well I hope everyone is happy and well, and warm in their homes, reflecting on the last days of 2012.  See you next year, har har.

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