Tuesday, March 5, 2013

its a new post

So, its officially March. I can't believe we're already three months into 2013. So, where the hell have I been right? I guess in the Winter, I go into complete and total hibernation mode.  There are many stages of this, as you may have started to see the signs in earlier posts. One would think that because it is Winter and you're all cooped up, that you should have all the time in the world to fiddle around on your computer.  I guess one technically does, but I have opted out to wrap myself in a pile of blankets in my Winter laziness and get strangely obsessed with shows like Twin Peaks, Downton Abbey, and The Walking Dead. This is in part due to me getting that hideous flu that's been going around. I swear I didn't move from the couch for a week straight.

Well, that's not all I have been doing.  This beautiful table spread was created for a friendly get together by my pal, Katie Rae (I couldn't resist sharing it) Her house is oh-so lovely, Katie is one of the classiest people I know, and I love their art collection. Her husband is a super talented print maker, Curtis Readel, if you haven't checked him out yet. Myself, I've completed a few new pieces of art and have some upcoming projects in the mix.  I have some artwork up at Janik's through the end of the month, thanks to fellow artist and friend Brett Whitacre, who curates that space (I had the pleasure of working with Brett's lovely wife, Kate, who is an amazing farmer.) I think its good to get your art out of the "gallery" from time to time.

Here are a few newbies...More up on my website. I have a show coming up at the Safety-Kleen Gallery at ECC April 16th- May 18th, I'll post more info on that soon.

The other news flash in Katie-land, I turned 30. Yep. I feel pretty okay about it. I am going to welcome all stages of this life, so I'm looking forward to what I'll do in my thirties. I'm excited :) I had an inspirational pep talk from this multi-talented gentleman, Johnathon Strube, recently. The future is looking good.

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