Monday, June 10, 2013

A million moments

Hello, hello. I'm so happy to say it is JUNE.  June is one of my favorite months of the year, there is still the essence of Spring, it's typically not sizzling hot yet, everyone around you seems to be in a jolly mood, summer murmuring on everyone's lips. I think Summer gives everyone butterflies in their stomachs, nostalgic for what once was or excitement over plans to be had. I had just been discussing this with a friend, but at one point in your life, probably before you were a teenager, you had your entire summer off. Nearly three blissful months to be free. I have a teacher friend who still enjoys this, every single Summer, after she's buttoned up her classroom, she travels to some far off country every Summer. This month I am nostalgic for our cabin up in Rhinelander, WI that is no longer in the family. My brothers and I would spend all day playing in the woods or boating on Lake Boom. There was a tiny island on the lake that we named Ant Island, that we claimed as our personal land and country, and that my brothers and I visited daily. Someday I want to go back there, to see if my island is still there.  But there have been many great happenings going on in the present this season. It's been a busy couple of weeks.

I got to go to the Na-da Barn Sale (finally!) Some of my friends had booths, Cracker Jax and A Beautiful Party. I was so blown away, this farm is sort of out in the middle of nowhere, yet there were a million people flocking from every direction to visit on this special day. Ann Marie who owns the farm, puts a special touch on every corner of this delightful farm. I highly recommend a visit.

I got to go to the closing reception for my works in the Earth to Table show, got to pick and score some  wood from this barn, went to several graduation parties, visited my family's farm in Fithian, IL. My garden is growing well, I absolutely can't wait for my kale and tomatoes to be ready for harvesting. Bike riding, laying in the sun, sitting on my porch swing with a friend and a cool drink. And best of all, Jason and I just celebrated our three year wedding anniversary.  Every day I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I couldn't wish for a better husband.

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