Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just the beginning...

I am happy to announce my very first blog! It seems these days that everyone and their mother have a blog now, so why another one? I suppose I have always wanted one, a place to document my thoughts and adventures. Something for myself. I really admire other people's blogs, especially those who really let you into their world.

So welcome. This is just the beginning. My name is Katie Drum.  I am twenty-nine and I live in the rural cornfields of Illinois with my awesome husband, Jason. I live in the same town I have lived in since I was twelve. I used to dream of moving off to some exotic city, but now I find myself craving the quietness of the country.

I am an artist and illustrator, you can check out some of my art at my website 

I hope to use this blog to share with you some of my new projects, art, photography, people I think are super talented, recipes, special finds, whatever strikes my fancy.

I spend most my days managing the farm store at Heritage Prairie Farm. The farm raises honey bees and organically grown produce. I still pinch myself and laugh because I'm still not sure how I ended up there, but its an agrarian dream. I like being closer to nature and I don't feel like I am selling my soul to anyone.

Whats your favorite way to get in touch with nature? Sometimes for me, its as simple as watching a really great thunderstorm.  Which we are in great need of by the way. Everyone do your best rain dance.

Best Regards,

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