Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lake Whaaat

This past weekend, just when I thought my head was going to pop from the extreme heat, I headed north to Lake Watseka to visit my dad for his birthday. Talk about forty degree temperature difference! I love visiting my dad. He is surrounded by tons of beautiful lakes and forests, and makes a habit of hiking every morning with his dog Lucy. She is super hyper so he needs to make sure she gets in a run and a swim every day. Man, don't we all. I wish I lived next to a lake.

I love old signs (and leinenkugel!) It's brewed locally near my dad in Chippewa Falls. I got my dad a neat compass as a gift. I love little gadgets like that and everyone should really have one. But most of all I love that they are meant to give people direction and prevent them from ever getting lost. Good metaphor for life, but I'm a total cheese ball like that.


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