Monday, July 16, 2012

Shop Open for Business

Greetings to all you other night owls. I had a lovely day off.  I spent it finally getting caught up on some house cleaning, nursing a sick husband (he picked up my flu bug I had earlier in the week, poor guy), but best of all, painting! Finished some custom portraits for some friends who recently got married. There's nothing I love more than getting engrossed in a new project, listening to sound opinions, and snacking on some dark chocolate caramels. I was in a triangle mood today. Lately I find myself being drawn to specific geometric patterns. Triangles won today.

And I finally got my Etsy site up and running! Visit here Lots of great, affordable original paintings on there. Whoo hoo!

I have made other custom couples portraits in the past. I had the pleasure of making portraits of Therese English and Dan Perdue for their wedding a couple years back. Therese and I used to work together at an art store years ago. She is adorable and I swear she's made of sugar. Therese is an art teacher now and a super talented photographer/fiber artist. Her hubby is a member of the band, Sleeping At Last. Check them out here To see pictures of their gorgeous wedding and the portraits I did for them, visit the feature in CS Brides magazine here

I really do enjoy doing portraits of people. I like studying their faces and figuring out what really makes them characteristically unique. With my new shop up, I am hoping to put more energy into doing more custom work for folks. Couples or pet portraits...I'm loving the idea of doing a favorite person portrait. Who's your favorite person? My favorite person is Jason, whom I am praying will be feeling better soon. I've been stuffing vitamins down his throat all day, so hopefully he's on the road to recovery.

I suppose it's my bedtime as well. xoxo Katie

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