Monday, August 19, 2013




I had to share. I went to Blumen Gardens today for their third Sunday of the month Art Market.  I haven't been to this place in ages, but this is actually where Jason and I got married. The place is amazing...Its an old graphite factory turned into a garden center.  But not just any garden center, a secret garden type of center.  I love it. My friend Ann Flowers had a booth at the market, whom I am very proud of.  She recently took the plunge of quitting her day job to pursue her creative talents full time. I have always loved her artwork, but you must check out her other stuff: pom poms, neon, and glitter goodness galore! There was live music, free brats & lemonade, and I found these lovely metal tins. I decided to paint on them when I got home.  I'm thinking they would be quite nice hanging on a wall somewhere...its a fern, mint, ranunculus, lavender, and a dahlia.

This evening, the air is super cool. Makes me want to wrap myself in a cozy blanket for days.  Goodnight. 

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