Saturday, August 24, 2013


So...At least once a week I drive into the city for the farm.  And often times I get to pass this guy. He really brightens my drive. I am a big fan of folk art. If I haven't mentioned this before, I will now. I'm really into archaeology. Being an archaeologist was up there on my list of careers when I was little. Particularly anthropology. I love that there was a time when things like this were in demand. Handmade by an artist or local tradesman, made out of quality materials, for a business or where ever. Landmarks on your family's trip driving cross country, outside your favorite ice cream stand you visit in the Summertime, or to draw in customers to a custom furniture store. A cultural snap shot of an era.  Nowadays, for the most part, everything is made out of the cheapest materials possible. Everything looks the same. Strip mall after strip mall.  It's pretty depressing. And I know that none of it will last. It's possible this lot will get purchased and torn down, get turned into something really lame. And where will this guy go? You hope things like this get preserved. I think they do, I think there are still a lot of people out there who know when things are special. I know that he won't last forever either. But as I drive by, I daydream about someone finding him in 600 years and them wondering what life was like way back when.

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  1. i love the expression on this guy's face. kind of like he has come upon something stinky :)