Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Go Renegade

Hooray! Last Sunday I got to go to the Renegade Craft Fair, with my good friends, Bry and Janey. I try to make a point to go to this every single year, and I did not get to go last year.  If you haven't ever gone, I highly recommend it! It is booth after booth of handmade awesomeness, all set downtown in the Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood. Crafters, artists, creatives of all types come from near and far. Sometimes when I go, I get so overwhelmed by the visual stimulation (and the huge crowds) but it is super inspirational.  I was pleased to see so many fine artists this year! Every year there seems to be more of a certain type of vendor, and that was definitely jewelry this time around. This fair takes place in several cities, both nationally and internationally now.

Love Nail Tree (i loved this necklace...sadly, it was gone later when I came back to purchase it) 

Tee pees! You're never too old for one of these... 

Nature inspired jewelry and art by Jasmine McCaffrey of Ricochet Waves

My Little Belleville (one of my favs from the whole day, put a face on it & I'm in love!)

The amazing Laura Berger (I am obsessed with her artwork) 

Manny Made by Amanda Barker

Lillstreet Art Center (demo: how to do upholstery;someday I swear I will take a class from them) 

Truly unique lamps from Krystal O'Mara of Remain Designs (from bicycle parts!) 

Next stop, a visit to dreamy Asrai Garden, which is just around the corner from the fair...

My finds for the day: 1. Candle by Elizabeth Suzann 2. Mojo mineral lipstick 3. Face Spoon from My Little Belleville 4. Geranium Patchouli body scrub by Etta+Billie 

I also got amazing Caramel Sea Salt Truffles from Katherine-Anne Confections (that I gobbled down) and an art print from Laura Berger. Here is a list of more of the days favorites I recommend you check out:

It is a secret dream of mine to have a booth at one of the Renegades someday. A girls gotta dream. 

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