Sunday, August 5, 2012

day in the sun

Happy Sunday! Today was such lovely day. Blue sky, no humidity, low heat, nice little breeze. Pure perfection. To celebrate the day, I had brunch with some dear friends.We went to this quaint little restaurant downtown that just opened a new outdoor patio and started serving breakfast recently. The building is covered in beautiful ivy and been around forever, but I'll admit I don't go there much. Though, today over coffee and wonderful conversation, I felt almost like I was somewhere else, in a different town, maybe even a different country, which is a rare feeling when you live in the same town you've lived in for nearly twenty years. I love my girlfriends. Sometimes when we get together and talk about the future, I really feel like anything is possible. I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such good hearted, creative women.

Afterwards, I met up with Jason. His dad was in town and had rode up on his motorcycle with some friends.  Seemed like everyone was taking advantage of the gorgeous weather. We showed his friends around downtown and stopped by the confectionery. Most everyone chose different chocolate treats...dark chocolate covered marshmallows, espresso beans dipped in chocolate, runner bars??? That place is dangerous.  As for myself, I couldn't resist the rainbow attraction of the italian ice case and settled on a small cup of strawberry. The gal working must have been in a generous mood because she gave me a heaping scoop.  All I can say is thank you very much! Jason's dad and company continued on their day's adventure and we headed home. And then I did something I never do... I took a nap. Now, some people are just nap people. They do it often, if not every day. When you are a child, they make you take naps everyday. I am kind of jealous of these nap people, because the idea of getting a quick cat nap in the middle of the day sounds wonderful.  Even the term 'cat nap' sounds wonderful. A content little kitty all curled up cozy  in a chair, their whiskers twitching in the sunlight. For some reason though, I've never been one to take naps. Maybe its my ever active mind, I just can't sit still when the sun's out. But today I did, and it felt great. And the day's not even over... xoxo

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