Thursday, August 30, 2012


Been busy, busy. Yesterday was my hubby's birthday. Jason is officially thirty two now! I can't believe he was only twenty four, and me, just twenty one, when we first started dating. Happy Birthday to my favorite person in the world :) Sunday we had a cookout in celebration, but also because we haven't had an official "house warming" party as of yet.  And of course, as my luck would go, it poured all day. It's been bone dry all summer, and wouldn't you know the day we needed the most use of our yard, its a drizzle fest. All was well though, we scrunched in our house, porch, and garage. We feasted on fresh watermelon, corn, potato salad, hot dogs on the grill (Jason burns them perfectly, I'm not joking-they're awesome!) beans, the usual cookout faire. Despite the rain, a lot of friends and family made it out. It was great to see everyone. I'll admit I kind of have a panic attack when that many people are in my house. Juggling socializing, refilling/preparing food, giving folks a tour of the new house...(the clean up before & after) wowzah. But it's my dream to host more family gatherings in the future. We'll see... Hopefully someday when I have a better camera, I will document these happenings better.

As I'm happy to celebrate our lives, I see the next big birthday on the horizon, my thirty year b-day... I have a few months. I feel pretty good about it. I'm in the mode right now where I am quietly saying goodbye to my twenties and pondering my thirties. I suppose I am looking forward to my thirties in the sense that you seem to have it together more in your thirties, more secure, more on track, you know yourself better...right?Or is that all just a bunch of garbage? Do you ever feel that way fully? Probably not. But I feel it more so than in my twenties. There's so much change and turbulence in your twenties. Trying to find direction. From college, to crappy jobs to career, different hair colors, different habits, marriage, making a home, to getting settled into myself. But I feel good. Really happy actually. Calm and happy in the center of my little life.

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