Thursday, August 16, 2012

inspiration day

I can't believe it is the middle of August already. Summer has flown by... I know that technically we have more of summer to come and perhaps even an 'Indian Summer,' but I have a love/hate feeling when the seasons begin to change.  I feel an excitement for the new season, and sort of a mourning for the season's passing. In a few months, it will be cold and snowy, and I will long for the weather that is now. So I am just trying to savour it. I am dreaming of fall weather though... and my new blue trench coat I found at a thrift store recently. We've already started to have a few cool days/ makes me feel like I'm in the English countryside for some reason. Have you ever checked out Toast? Oh, if only I had a couple million euro.

I have finally been painting a bit lately. I have a new piece I'm pretty happy about...I will post pictures as soon as the new lot is finished. In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to post some work from my favorite artists.  Sometimes when you work full time and you're an artist (and you live in the middle of nowhere) the internet has to do for inspiration.  In my future, I'd like to make a habit of going on at least one field trip a week for new inspiration, in whatever it may be that interests me at the time. But I hope to see some of these lovely ladies artwork in person, perhaps own some.  They're work always speaks to me and is always awe-inspiring. Someday if I am brave, I would like to reach out to them for an interview.

1. Monica Canilao

2. Jennifer Davis

3. Leah Duncan

4. Steffi Homa

5. Camilla Engman

6. Serena Cole 

7. Esther Ramirez

I could post a million more... Maybe next week :) xoxo

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