Monday, August 20, 2012

lazy day

Setting Forest Mourning 24"x36" mixed media on canvas

It's been a good weekend. Jason and I cleaned the house, we did some much needed yard work before fall arrives, and I finished a new painting. Sometimes the simplest of days makes me happiest. Go figure, triangles are back! I'm really into them right now.  I've prepped a few canvases for more like this.  I'm trying to keep in the habit of working on the series as much as I can while juggling the rest of my life. I want to do more small gouache works as well.

Some of our friends just got back from St. Petersburg, FL today.  The lovely and talented Bryanne (you can see her blog and gorgeous photos here) and her beau. They said the ocean was so amazing that they are thinking of permanently moving near it. I can't imagine living near the ocean all the time. I think its healing power would change me. Do you know what I mean? Every time we have vacationed to the ocean (any ocean) we're like two little eight year old kids splashing in the water. It totally rejuvenates you.

I've been contemplating if we would ever move out of state. Jason and I tried once, to Savannah, Georgia, and it was a total failure. We were under prepared, over whelmed, knew nothing of the city and how much it cost. Eventually ended up moving back to Illinois.  Words of wisdom: Visit the city first before you move there. I tend to romanticize things before I think realistically about them.

But I do like to fantasize about places I'd move (maybe realistically) It's nice to imagine a different scenery than cornfields everyday. Here are a few:

1. Nashville, Tennessee (we spent part of our honeymoon here and I fell in love with the city.)
2. Denver, Colorado (okay, I've never actually been here, lots of people we know have been relocating here and say they absolutely love it)
3. Charleston, South Carolina (its close to both the ocean and the mountains, and has some serious history)
4. Portland, Oregon (its where the young go to retire, right?)

Maybe someday. xoxo

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