Tuesday, September 11, 2012

and they're off!

Didn't get the chance to share the pictures from my adventure to Arlington Park Horse Track on Labor Day yet. Let me add, I have never been to a horse track race before...It's one of those things my friends and I have always wanted to do. There's some old-timey charm about it that has always put my imagination into warp drive. Crazy hats, mint juleps, horses. yes, please!

Go Miss Addison! Thank you, she won me $4! Thank goodness for 10 cent bets... I could hardly figure out how the races worked. Way more complicated than one would think.

(Ali, Bry, and myself ). Okay, so we didn't have time to make crazy hats to my disappointment. And I learned that mint juleps have bourbon in them (bleh!) So, I opted out for delicious bloody mary's and cherry mojito's. Bry and I got to thinking that we should try making our own homemade bloody mary mix while tomatoes are still in season. Here is a great recipe that I want to try soon.

Lots of great equine inspired art inside! Sadly, the original building from the 1920's burned down sometime in the 80's, but they had a little history sprinkled in throughout the modern renovation.

Such a gorgeous day... I'd like to go again sometime. I promise hats next time! Can't wait to get my hot glue gun and feathers out.


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