Friday, September 21, 2012


I decided it time to share some of my favorite artists again. I may just start grouping my artist posts based on a theme. I'll call this one 'meta' in honor of Sao Paulo artist, Bruno 9li. He's been on my mind a lot lately. I originally saw his work in a magazine somewhere years ago and then as it so happens, I lost the magazine and forgot his name. This happens to me all the time. My memory is only so good for certain things. I get too busy and distracted or there's too much metal in my brain. Haha (i'm kidding) I hope. Anyway, I never forget the art. And I had been thinking about this artist again recently, but no luck finding this nameless artist online. Until my lovely friend, Curtis, said "hey, you should check out so & so..." and there was Bruno 9li again! I think that is how things just work sometimes. They come to you when they are supposed to. And they may leave if they are meant to leave.

Meta translates to beyond. I really appreciate this in a spiritual sense when it comes to art making. A sort of window into another world that is beyond what we know, both ancient, within us all, and unseen by most.  Maybe in another dimension. A place in your mind that no one else can go. Somewhere outside time and space. A little secret between you and god... A lost language. You either know what I mean or you don't.
( I've been watching too many episodes of Doctor Who lately.) 
It is work of this type that really speaks to me. And its how I want to be moved when I look at an image.

Artist Meredith Dittmar is another artist of note.  She makes these relief painting/sculpture boxes using of all things, sculpey! Her themes on exploring consciousness are really what intrigue me.

There's always so much more... But that's enough for tonight. My bed is calling.

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